MN Pork BoardLabor is going to be a key focus in 2023, according to Minnesota Pork Board member, Daryl Timmerman. He says it doesn’t matter if you’re a local hardware store, restaurant, gas station, or big farm — staffing shortages continue. “In the swine industry if you look at more broadly even stretches into the packing plants where in being able to continue to have them staffed at a level such that we can get not only things harvested but also get full value out of that carcass to make sure that the farmers are paid fairly that’s really important,” Timmerman said.

The state’s pork industry supports over 30,000 jobs across the state.  Daryl Timmerman said, “It’s amazing the number of jobs that are related to the hog industry. I mean not only farm staff, but the feed mills and you think about local communities that help with supplies and gas stations. And everything that helps all up and down the chain.”

Timmerman encourages you to connect with your local producers. “Farmers are always delighted for the opportunity to be able to share their story to tell you more about their farm and their family and how they raise their animals and it’s just a great opportunity anytime that we can connect more broadly.”

There are currently around 3,200 hog farms across the state.