On January 14th at 7:17PM on West Saratoga Street, a 50-year-old Marshall man was arrested for Driving After Revocation. 

On January 14th at 10:04PM on East College Drive, a 23-year-old Lynd man was arrested for 3rd Degree Driving While Intoxicated and Open Container.  

On January 14th at 10:29PM at the 200 Block of N Whitney Street, a 40-year-old Marshall man was arrested for Domestic Assault and Malicious Punishment of a Child.  

On January 13th at 3:05AM at the 200 block of W Main Street, a vehicle was cited and towed for unpaid parking tickets. 

On January 13th at 11:28PM on Fairview Street, a 25-year-old Marshall man was arrested for 4th Degree Driving While Intoxicated.