MARSHALL (KMHL) — The City of Marshall has declared a snow removal emergency starting at noon today, Wednesday, January 4th. The snow removal emergency will run through Friday at noon, unless renewed. City officials declared the snow emergency to allow snow removal operations to proceed from the downtown areas, then major streets, intersections, and finally residential areas.
Vehicles remaining on the street during the snow emergency may be ticketed or towed.
Other cities to declare a snow emergency include Balaton, Minneota, and Tracy. Tracy’s snow emergency is scheduled to end Thursday evening.
Please remove your vehicles from all street areas to allow the crews to remove the snow from the streets. We request that you exercise extreme caution and allow plenty of separation (at least 50 feet) between snow removal equipment and your vehicle. Following too closely may not allow the snow removal operator to see your vehicle. Snow removal equipment may stop or reverse directions at any time or may be spreading salt/sand on the roadway.