MARSHALL (KMHL) – Curbside recycling service is coming to an end for Lyon County residents at the end of September. Lyon County Commissioners voted to spend a maximum of $150,000 for roll-off containers where county residents can drop off their recycling.

The move affects county residents who live in communities that have had curb site service.

“The folks that live in town are still able to recycle, it’s just that it won’t have that convenience of being able to roll it out to the curb and having it taken,” said Stomberg. “It will be bringing it to a drop off site, like in Marshall here we have a drop off site at County Fair and at the Fairgrounds.”

Stomberg says the biggest reason for the change is the cost. He notes that costs have increased sharply for recycling because there isn’t much of a market for the recycled products. Bids for the service to continue came back between $400,000 and $700,000, and Stomberg said that has the county scrambling.

“We’re looking at going to the dump sites, adding additional roll-off capacity at the drop off sites as a temporary measure,” said Stomberg. “We’re hoping we can get back into curbside recycling, we don’t know a timeline on that yet.”

In a separate measure, commissioners did approve the county to advertise for a truck driver to handle the pickup.

Curbside service is set to end September 27.