MARSHALL (KMHL) – Lyon County Commissioners have started cleaning up the mess surrounding the county’s future of curbside recycling.

Commissioners approved two motions Tuesday that will allow for the service to continue. The first was to approve a one month extension of weekly curbside service, commissioners also approved the county to continue negotiating with Southwest Sanitation on an 18-month contract for bi-weekly service starting in November.

Lyon County Environmental Administrator Roger Schroeder told commissioners at the meeting that he supported going to a bi-weekly pickup.

“Bi-weekly is less expensive, you only have the trucks going out on the road half as much,” said Schroeder. “The overwhelming comments that the commissioners have heard and that I have heard is that most people can get by with bi-weekly service.”

Schroeder says people could still take recyclable products to the the drop-off points around the county if their bins are overflowing, or the county would be willing to allow residents to exchange their current bins for larger ones.

Commissioners also discussed increasing solid waste fees to help keep the service after a public hearing last night. There was a general consensus among the board that would be something they’d look at.