Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton are good friends who never miss a chance to INSULT each other in public.  Here’s the latest . . .

Blake told “People” magazine that Luke has a ton of ideas, and not all of them are good.  He called him out for a TV show he recently pitched that was dumb.

Blake’s game show “Barmageddon” premiered in 2022.  If you’ve never seen it, celebrities go head-to-head and play bar games against each other.  And Luke thought they should do a new version called “Farmageddon”.  (???)

Blake didn’t get into what that might entail.  Maybe celebrities compete to see who can bail hay the fastest?  Or is it just bar games on a farm?

Either way, Blake said he has no plans to do anything with the idea, and joked that dumb ideas like that seem to fall out of Luke’s mouth a lot.

He was actually nice about it and turned it into a compliment though.  He said Luke’s got “a lot of STUPID ideas,” but also a lot of ideas in general.

Quote, “He’s constantly trying to come up with what’s next.  That’s why he’s been so successful, because he never stops thinking, [and] eventually he hits on something.”


(They’ve got a fun friendship.  Blake also ripped on him at a recent gig.  He said when Luke holds his mic up at a show and tells everyone to “sing it,” it’s because he’s “drunk and high” and can’t remember his own lyrics.  WARNING:  There’s S-words at :04 and :14 in the video.)