MARSHALL (KMHL) – A Women For Trump tour stop featuring South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem drew a crowd of nearly 300 people in Marshall last evening.

Noem, who has drawn rave reviews from conservatives for how her state has handled the COVID-19 pandemic, gave a lot of that credit to President Trump.

“What’s made the difference for us, is that President Trump allowed us as governors to do our job, and to make decisions that were best for our state,” said Noem. “And, South Dakota is doing very well. We focused on slowing down the spread, making sure we were protecting public health, but also making sure people were still making a living.”

Noem told the crowd the 2020 election really came down to one issue – freedom! She added that many Americans have fought and died for freedom.

“We talk a lot about life and liberty, but we don’t talk a lot these days about the pursuit of happiness,” said Noem. “We deserve in this country to wake up optimistic about the future and really this president is what gives us the hope about continuing on with more success.”

Noem said her state has never closed one business, defined what businesses are essential or forced people to wear a mask. She says she gave her residents the information and asked them to make the right decision for their families.