KISS has sold just about everything at this point.  Hell, you can even be buried in an officially-licensed KISS Kasket.  So it was only a matter of time until they got around to selling KISS ITSELF.

Yes, the guys in KISS have sold their name, logo, music catalog, and image and likeness rights to Pophouse Entertainment . . . the company behind ABBA’s live avatar show . . . and they made $300 million on the deal.

KISS made no secret when they played their last show that they would live on in hologram form . . . and that’s exactly what Pophouse is going to do.

Gene Simmons says, quote, “KISS the touring band is over.  What Pophouse will do with our images, our music and our personas is unlike anything anyone has ever seen.”

The show is scheduled to debut in 2027.  A biopic and a documentary are also in the works.  And Gene says he and Paul Stanley are totally involved in all of it.

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