Remember when we thought it was brazen to steal a package from someone’s porch . . . in broad daylight . . . when the person has a doorbell camera?  Yeah, that’s nothing compared to this.

A man in Pennsylvania opened his door last Tuesday to pick up a package . . . when a man came running through his yard with his hands up.  He ran up to the porch . . . snatched the box out of the guy’s hands . . . and ran off with it.

It was day-time . . . there was a security camera . . . the porch pirate was not disguised or hiding his identity . . . AND there was ANOTHER delivery truck at the house preparing to deliver another package, and the thief almost ran into that driver when he was running off.

That’s a lot to unpack, but there’s more.

The stolen package had SIX NEW IPHONES inside, so it was worth THOUSANDS.  (I guess the whole family was getting new phones.)

The homeowner says the guy must have known what it was . . . but he doesn’t know how.  He says his security camera shows them doing a u-turn to follow the FedEx truck.

He said that “seconds” after the theft, he got a strange scam call telling him to return the phones.  And when he said the phones were stolen the caller hung up.

If the thief was targeting the phones . . . that would explain why they didn’t steal the other package out of the second delivery guy’s hands.

The thief also had a getaway driver, so after he ran off, he hopped in a waiting car, and they sped off.

These pirates are still on the loose.  Police are investigating . . . both who is behind this, and if they’re connected to other crimes.