Garth Brooks turned 62 today.  In his weekly Facebook Live series, he said the best gift you could give him is everybody “getting along” and to just “love one another.”  (He says it here at 20:52.)

Since it’s Super Bowl week, the “get along” part also reminded us of this:  Remember when Garth almost DIDN’T sing the National Anthem in 1993?

He was set to perform it at Super Bowl 27, and also debut his new music video for “We Shall Be Free” during the pre-game.  The song was a social statement inspired by the Rodney King trial.  (Here’s the broadcast.)

NBC wasn’t wild about the idea and wanted to yank the video at the last-minute . . . so Garth reportedly LEFT THE STADIUM 45 minutes before kickoff.

Jon Bon Jovi was there, and they thought about using him instead.  But Garth won in the end.  NBC aired the video, and he sang a great anthem.

The game supposedly started a little late because of it.  And now all Super Bowl anthems are pre-recorded as well, just in case.


(Taste of Country / Fox News)