This year, there will be the traditional, in-person conference at the Saint Paul RiverCentre and a virtual conference option. Check in starts at 7:30 with a general session from 9:00 until 10:30, and a number of workshops taking place from 10:45 until 4:45. 

The 2022 Keynote speaker will be Jennifer Berkshire. Berkshire is a freelance journalist that also hosts the educational podcast titled, “Have You Heard?” She teaches in the journalism program at Boston College and in the Education program at Yale University.

The MEA conference is always held on the third Thursday in October. People frequently ask why the conference is held in October and not in the summer when school isn’t in session. According to Education Minnesota, it is held during the school year for several reasons. Most importantly, the focus of the conference is on techniques and ideas that teachers can take back to the classroom and use right away with their students. Summer time is also a busy time for teachers as they use that time continuing education courses to stay current in their field, fulfilling licensing requirements, teaching summer school, or working a second job to supplement their salaries.

It is not required for school districts to make the date of the conference a non-school day. Most schools do, but some do not.

The MEA Conference is always free and open to Education Minnesota members only. College students studying to be educators may also attend. Registration for the MEA conference closes Tuesday, October 18th.