The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 28 counties in Minnesota remain at a high level of COVID-19 community transmission–and another 42 counties are considered at a substantial spread. Governor Tim Walz says… “I’m still optimistic for Minnesota, we still rank as one of the best states, but the Delta variant is causing problems. Our case counts are up, our hospitalizations are up, not anywhere near the extent we’ve seen elsewhere.” As of Monday, 7,698 people have died from COVID-19 in Minnesota. Walz says he’s nervous as we head into fall and winter when the state has previously seen a spike in coronavirus cases.

The increase in COVID cases is prompting renewed calls for vigilance, especially as students prepare to go back to school. State Education Commissioner Heather Mueller has this message for kids: “We value you and we know that this has been incredibly difficult, and you all have deserved to have school years that are memorable and typical and we also know that your safety and health and wellness continues to be our top priority.” Several Minnesota schools have already announced mask-wearing requirements for the upcoming school year. Mueller is also recommending that everyone eligible get the COVID vaccination.