MARSHALL (KMHL) – “Cultivating the best in us,” is theme of a new brand announced by the City of Marshall during the State of the City Address today.

Glenn Bader, the Vice President of Marketing and Information Technology at Ralco in Marshall chaired the city’s branding committee. He presented during the address yesterday to unveil the new branding.

“Really emerged this idea of cultivating the best of us, that was the core essence that we landed on,” said Bader. “The dimensions of that are many. That could be cultivating family, cultivating character, opportunity, cultivating excellence or connection, wellness.”

The logo is a lowercase m with horizon colors accented by a star or diamond over the top of it.

Marshall Mayor Bob Byrnes said the branding captures what’s so special about the community and the region.

“It does bring out a number of things including what’s important to our community – our agrarian background, in an agricultural area, but also cultivating the best of what’s here and that’s the people of our community and our region,” said Byrnes.

The branding release caps off a year of work on it from members of the branding committee.