This seems like a modern day Hardy Boys case.

The perpetrator, a 21-year old man from Pennsylvania named Quasir Stephens, was arrested on burglary charges earlier this month after he left a culinary calling card for the police to decipher.

Picture the scene: the police arriving to the crime scene, the apartment destroyed, but curiously the kitchen floor blanketed in Cajun seasoning. A spicy clue, with footprints weaving and winding through the seasoning. The police to wondering why? Further investigation’s conducted. The victim receiving a suspicious call, an admission of guilt from Quasir. Leading the police to decide, it’s time for a house call.

The police arrive to investigate Quasir, and what do they find, but Cajun style footprints outside the house matching those from the kitchen. For this Cajun Seasoning Bandit, his spicy trail of crime & guilt leading the law right to him. Quasir was arrested, charged with felony burglary, misdemeanor disorderly conduct, and some drug-related charges. Quasir’s seasoning slip-up is a reminder that in the world of stupid criminals, all it takes is a dash of spice & guilt to spice up ones life (with jail time)!