Almost EVERYONE wishes they had more time in the day . . . and yet, we all know people who are constantly complaining about how busy THEY are.  So, you may be able to relate to this . . .

Researchers from the University of Georgia have found that people who frequently complain about their stressful work lives are seen as “less competent” and “less likable” by those around them.

Those are NOT the workers who are overwhelmed, and are proactive about addressing it . . . that’s a good thing.  These are the people who “stress brag,” like they’re wearing it as a badge of honor.

“Stress bragging” can be bad for anyone who does it too much, because . . . like “crying wolf” . . . those people are LESS likely to be offered help when they really ARE burned out.

The study also found that stress bragging can be NEGATIVE for work culture, because it increases intensity and stress levels for everyone in the office.

(Study Finds)