MINNEOTA (KMHL) – There was an exciting few minutes outside of the Minneota Police Station.

Around 1 p.m. this afternoon a young woman riding in a vehicle on her way to the hospital to give birth realized she wasn’t going to make it. The driver of the vehicle pulled into the parking lot at the Minneota city building and went inside for help.

Police Chief Bill Bolt said he another officer and members of the Minneota First Responders helped the young woman give birth right in the parking lot. On Facebook, Minneota Police say it was a beautiful and healthy baby boy.

“I was the catcher, I was there to see the baby born and hear the baby’s first cry and to hand the baby to the mom,” said Bolt. “What a tremendous experience it was. So often we respond to tragedies and today we had the opportunity to respond to a new life coming into the world.”

Bolt added that mom and the baby are doing well and are receiving care at the Marshall hospital.

“They are in our prayers, and what a wonderful way to start the holiday weekend,” added Bolt.