There was an overall feeling of excitement for Avera Marshall’s hospital and clinic staff yesterday as they began receiving the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccination.  Lisa Buseth, a registered nurse for Avera Urgent Care, was one of the first to receive vaccine Wednesday morning.

“It was more exciting than anything” Buseth said, describing her experience receiving the vaccine. “It felt like any other vaccine I’ve received. No different I would say in level of pain…I’ve had no side effects so far.”

Just like any vaccine, there is misinformation about what to expect once you receive it. Doctor Timothy Hindbjorgen of Emergency Medicine, who also received the vaccine, clarifies,

“A sore arm is by far the most common side effect from it and feeling a little achy overall, maybe some low grade fevers. But those are good signs. Those are signs that your immune system is doing its job.”

Two different vaccines will be distributed at Avera. The Pfizer vaccine will be given to the healthcare workers, due to the need for extremely cold storage, and Moderna will be given to the long term care patients.

The vaccine being at Avera is exciting news, and an exciting first step to normalcy for 2021.