SAINT PAUL – Attorney General Keith Ellison is using the Valentine’s Day holiday to help raise awareness of romance scams online. Ellison says online dating and romance scams begin like any other online relationship; sharing basic information like their line of work, their city, and their hobbies and interests. After the scammer gains the trust of their target, they’ll attempt to con them out of money. 

Attorney General Ellison said, “Bad actors can be relentless in trying to trick Minnesotans out of their hard-earned money, and that often takes the form of romance scams.”  

Scammers will either directly ask for money through fabricated stories of emergencies in their life, by offering ludicrous investment opportunities, or by seeking funds so the two can visit. These conversations can happen on dating sites and apps, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, or even through email or text messages. 

If you think you or somebody you know is the target of a romance scam, Attorney General Ellison says, “Contact my office immediately: we may be able to help you personally, and the information you share could help prevent other Minnesotans from being scammed.”