The NFL has a thing called performance-based pay.  It’s designed to give extra compensation to players who have low salaries but overperformed and got a lot of playing time.

Now, Aaron Rodgers is in the opposite situation:  He has a high salary . . . $75 million over two years . . . but because of his injury he barely played at all.  In fact, he only took 0.33% of the Jets’ snaps in 2023.

Therefore, his performance-based pay for the season was $81.14 . . . the lowest in the NFL.

Meanwhile, Brock Purdy of the San Francisco 49ers is the league’s lowest-paid starting QB, with a base salary of $870,000.

HIS performance-based pay was $739,765, which almost DOUBLED his salary.  Although it’s still a sucky payday for the Super Bowl runner-up.