People have made dying wishes for people to attend (or be BANNED) from their funeral . . . but this is a fascinating invite. Death had a cameo to make.

A 68-year-old woman in the U.K. passed away from breast cancer recently, and her funeral was held last month.  And the GRIM REAPER showed up.

Seriously.  The woman’s dying wish was to have a friend show up to the funeral dressed as the reaper . . . and point to people saying “you’re next.” It takes a special humorous person to turn their OWN funeral into a punchline. But life’s too short to take death to0 seriously, right?

It was meant to be funny . . . NOT terrifying . . . so the family did pre-warn everyone, and a few people decided not to attend because of it.  (???)

The woman’s daughter told the BBC, quote, “If you research the Grim Reaper, he transports the soul to where it’s going, so he’s not actually a bad person . . . she would be absolutely loving the attention her funeral is getting . . . it just showcases her personality and sense of humor.”

The funeral wasn’t just about saying goodbye, but about sending off the departed with a hearty chuckle. Godspeed.



(Here’s a photo of their reaper.)