ST. PAUL (KMHL) – A top Democrat in the Minnesota House is calling on House Republicans to agree on a bonding bill.

Rep. Liz Olson (D-Duluth) the DFL Majority Whip, in the House says now is the time to get a bonding bill done.

“There is water treatment that needs to be done in communities, there are crumbling bridges and roads, we can’t wait any longer,” said Olson. “Why not do it now when it is also a big vehicle for an economic recovery too.”

For months, House Minority Leader Kurt Daudt has said he won’t move a bonding bill until Governor Walz gives up his emergency COVID powers.

But Olson says lawmakers have been close on a bonding bill’s size and project list for months.

“We can pass a bonding bill anytime,” said Olson. “Those topics are completely unrelated.”

Olson says the closer they get to the election, the more difficult a bonding bill will be to pass.