Ever throw a party while your parents were away?  You know it went sideways when it makes the local news!  A TV station in Cincinnati just talked to a mom named Bridget Strahin after her kid’s party got WAY out of hand.


While she was out of town last weekend, her 18-year-old daughter threw a rager and made the invitation PUBLIC.  More than 100 kids showed up for it, and some of them decided to intentionally TRASH THE PLACE just to get her in trouble.


If it was a broken vase or something, Bridget wouldn’t have been too mad.  But she says it was legitimate VANDALISM.


They ripped her kitchen counters off the wall . . . smashed a guitar . . . poured booze in her washing machine . . . super-glued cups and CINNAMON to the countertops . . . and some idiot ate one of her PLANTS.  (???)  Even worse, she says they puked it back up.


They also stole a porcelain goose named “Betty” from her front porch that she loves.  A friend gave it to her a while back, and someone from the party decided to hold Betty HOSTAGE.


They made a TikTok video just to taunt her.  They also taped a photo of the goose to her mailbox and wrote, “We have Betty.”


Somebody on Facebook started a support group called “Bring Betty the Porch Goose Back“, and it quickly racked up about 4,000 members.


Now one piece of good news has landed:  Someone FOUND Betty dumped in a yard across the street from her daughter’s high-school rival.  There’s a hole in her that needs to be repaired, but she’s still in once piece.  (Here’s the update.)


Bridget thinks she has a pretty good idea which kids trashed her house, and she’s in contact with the cops.  So they could face charges for it.