People say you should be IN LOVE with your work, but with some jobs, that’s just not realistic.  Although, this guy REALLY pushed the envelope.


A 32-year-old man in Colorado named Stephen Masalta got busted last month, after allegedly getting frisky . . . all the way . . . with some of the products at the store, including “fruits, vegetables, and baked goods.”


That’s disgusting, because these items weren’t sealed.  And unfortunately (or fortunately) he wasn’t caught in the act.  The police nabbed him after he was seen pleasuring himself outside “numerous coffee shops and businesses.”


That led to them searching his home . . . and there they found video evidence of his vile, supermarket desecration.  Those videos were from LAST summer.


Stephen is facing a slew of charges, with more on the way (including attempted sexual assault on a child, because some of the victims of the disturbing grocery store antics are believed to be minors).


(The Smoking Gun)

(Here’s this guy’s mugshot.)