It may not be a sin to play “Candy Crush” in church, but it’s definitely not cool to FORCE JESUS to cover your in-app purchases.


A 51-year-old Catholic priest in Pennsylvania named Lawrence Kozak allegedly used a church credit card to spend over $40,000 on “power-ups” in mobile games like “Mario Kart Tour” and “Candy Crush”.


And it wasn’t just one REALLY wild frenzy . . . the charges have spanned three years.  (!!!)


According to police, an accountant at the church discovered “an astronomical amount of Apple transactions” on the church’s credit card statements.


Detectives also discovered that Lawrence’s Amazon account had used church funds to purchase items like a Fire Tablet for his goddaughter.  The gifts included a note that was signed by “Uncle Larry.”


When the police first talked to Lawrence, he admitted to having a mobile game addiction . . . and denied that he INTENTIONALLY used the church’s funds.


He later said it’s possible he had accidentally used church funds to buy power-ups, saying he wasn’t a “details guy,” and that he was sorry he had “let it get to this point.”


He’s been removed from his position with the church . . . and is facing theft-related charges.  He’s currently out on bond after posting $250,000 bail.  We’re assuming he didn’t use the church’s funds for that too.