There’s a town in Ohio called Marysville, which is getting some press for the money they put into their public restrooms.  There’s nothing special about the amenities . . . the money is LITERAL CASH.  (???)

A couple weeks ago, more than $25,000 was found in a public bathroom at the Avalon Theatre, a performing arts venue in Marysville.  Less than a week later, more than $12,000 was found in a public bathroom at a KFC, also in the same town.

The police say the cash was hidden in both cases . . . so it wasn’t left there accidentally.  In the theater, the bills were in multiple, individual stall trash cans.  And in the KFC, the money was banded up inside the tanks of several toilets.

Both stashes of money were found by employees of those businesses.

Naturally, the cops believe the two cases are connected . . . but they don’t know how, and they don’t have any leads as far as we know.

It’s also unclear if any other bathroom cash has been discovered . . . and of course there’s the possibility that there have been other cash drops that were taken by whoever was SUPPOSED to find them.  If that was the intent.

So it’s still a mystery . . . a VERY bizarre mystery.  (I can’t wait until the inevitable true crime Netflix adaptation, “Flushed with Cash”, which will be renamed “Lottery Loo” for British audiences.)  (???)

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