Do you suffer from allergies?  Are you willing to strap a comically large device to your face to help deal with them?  If so, good news!

A new gadget called NasoCalm just hit Kickstarter.  You just strap it to your face for 15 minutes a day, and it supposedly makes your allergies a lot better.  So how does it work?  By ELECTROCUTING your nose.  (???)

It’s got six electrodes . . . three for each nostril . . . that deliver small electric shocks to stimulate the muscles in your nose.

They claim making your nose muscles contract and relax can help clear your sinuses and let you breathe easier.

It’s small enough to take with you, so you can use it anywhere.  The promo video shows a guy using it at his desk at work.  The downside is it’s pretty bulky on your face, so you WILL be the “weird one” at the office.

They plan to sell it for $100, but you can get it for $60 if you back them on Kickstarter.  They claim it’ll ship by March, just in time for allergy season.

(The Messenger)

(Here’s a photo, and here’s what the inside looks like.)