How do you like your bacon?  Nice and crispy, or floppy and undercooked?  I ask because . . .

A 52-year-old man in Florida had a history of migraines, and recently saw a doctor because they were getting worse.

They were more severe than usual and lasted longer.  He’d have a headache for a week straight, and it went on like that for four months.

But he finally got a new diagnosis, and it wasn’t migraines.  Turned out he had a TAPEWORM in his head.  (!!!)

They figured out he’d eaten some old bacon that went bad.  He likes his bacon soft.  If he’d just cooked it more, it probably would have killed the parasite hiding inside it.

The tapeworm got into his brain and LAID EGGS.  But thankfully, he’s okay.  They gave him a deworming medication that’s also sometimes used in large dogs.  His symptoms improved about two weeks later.


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