Five bucks says someone in this guy’s life tells him, “You can’t do ANYTHING right.”

56-year-old Roger Foster lives in The Villages in Florida.  But he was in Long Island, New York on Monday when he got into a high-speed chase with the cops.

They responded to a domestic incident after he allegedly went to his ex-wife’s work and slashed her tires.  He took off in his Chevy Malibu rental car, but cops eventually caught up with him.  A helicopter also joined the pursuit.

He drove back and forth on a highway for about 40 minutes, and hit speeds over 100 miles an hour.  But there was nowhere to go.

So he apparently decided to just “Thelma & Louise” it . . . and drove off a 50-FOOT CLIFF.  (!!!)

Police say he never hit the brakes or slowed down.  He blew through a wood guardrail, ramped off a bluff, and went airborne.  But luckily for Roger, he’s still with us.

His car landed in the Long Island Sound in about four feet of water, and he survived.  Officers dove in and pulled him out.  He said he was sore, but he didn’t have any serious injuries.  It looks like the airbags probably saved him.

They took him to a hospital to get checked out, and then to jail.  No word yet on what kind of charges he’s facing.

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(Here are some photos of the car.)