Turns out telling you to floss more isn’t the most annoying thing your dentist can do . . .

A 40-year-old man in Turkey named Ramazan Yilmaz recently went in with a toothache and had several teeth pulled.

His dentist said they’d need to be replaced with implants, which they screw directly into your jaw.  And unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned.

They were installing a tooth in the upper left side of Ramazan’s mouth when he said it felt like his dentist was pushing REALLY hard.  Like, too hard.  But the guy said relax, it was totally normal.

What happened next wasn’t normal though.  The dentist pushed so hard, the screw broke through Ramazan’s jaw . . . and pierced his BRAIN.  (!!!)  It ended up lodged in his skull behind his left eye.  (Here’s an X-ray.)

He screamed out in pain, and the dentist realized it was serious.  So he rushed him to an emergency room.  Then he just left him there and took off.

Surgeons said Ramazan might not survive the surgery.  So he said goodbye to his wife and kids, just in case.  But luckily, he pulled through and fully recovered.  (Here’s a photo from after the surgery.)

He’s now suing for an undisclosed amount of money.  He says he called the dentist, and the guy wouldn’t even give him a refund.

(The Sun / Oddity Central)

(The story reminded us of Steve Martin’s sadistic dentist character from “Little Shop of Horrors”.)