A couple in South Carolina got into two high-speed chases in a single day this week.  And that’s NOT the most interesting part of the story . . .


Their names are Joshua Harvey and Rosie Smith.  Around 9:00 A.M. on Monday, a cop tried to pull them over for expired tags.  Joshua was driving their black Honda sedan, and they got away.


Cut to 2:45 that afternoon when they got into a second chase.  This time, Rosie was behind the wheel of a WHITE Honda sedan . . . because it turned out they’d spent the day SPRAY-PAINTING it to fool the cops.


Their plan obviously didn’t work.  The second chase ended with police disabling their car on the highway, and they both got arrested.  And this part’s fun too:  For some reason, they had a dog, a cat . . . and four CHICKENS in the car.  (???) 


Animal Control dealt with the livestock, and Josh and Rosie got taken to jail.  Cops called them “Bonnie and Clyde wannabes.”




(Here are their mugshots, along with photos of their black-then-white car.)