There are dog people and there are cat people, but ALL pet owners can agree on one thing:  Dogs are much better on road trips than cats.  (Right?  Does ANYONE enjoy hours in a car with a CAT?)

In a new survey of dog owners, 92% of them say they drive with their dogs occasionally.  A lot of that is going to the vet or to a groomer, but not ALL of it.

53% of dog owners will drive their dog to a dog park or a place to go on a walk, and 34% will take their dogs on road trips.

In fact, 53% of dog owners who drive with their dogs say they’d rather take a long road trip with their dog versus a family member.

32% say they’ll bring their dogs in the car because they sometimes feel guilty leaving their dogs at home.  23% say they think their dogs don’t like staying home alone.  And 70% say their dog is totally chill on car rides.

(PR Newswire)