There are a lot of reasons a restaurant may have to close its dining room . . . and this might be the FUNNIEST one.

A Pizza Hut in Canada put up a sign to announce that they were only open for takeout and delivery . . . and it had a very unfortunate typo.

It said, quote, “Due to unforeseen CIRCUMCISIONS, the dining room will be closed this evening!  Sorry for the inconvenience.”

Naturally, social media had a lot of fun with this.  One person joked, “Dinner has been cut short.”  Another said, “Guess they’re making some staffing cuts.”  And a local hospital jumped in to say that THEY could handle the circumcisions.

The Pizza Hut ALSO had a sense of humor about it.  They apologized . . . confirmed that it was an auto-correct issue . . . and put up a new sign that emphasized CIRCUMSTANCES.  They also hyped a new $5 promotion, and jokingly added, quote, “No tip required.”