It’s a Friday, so let’s offer you a chance at $3 MILLION.

A poll asked this hypothetical:  “You get $3 million dollars immediately, but you can no longer use ANYTHING China-related.  Would you take the deal?”  More than half, about 52%, said YES.

But everyone else said NO . . . mostly because that means they would have to give up too much . . . like pretty much all phones, computers, TVs, and cars.  Because despite where the company is based, they all have components, like semiconductors, made in China.

You’d have to stay China-free forever . . . not just in spending this $3 million.

Some people wondered if Taiwan was considered part of China for this question, which could make a difference.  But others doubted it was even POSSIBLE.  One person joked, “Great!  Now I have 3 million useless pieces of paper.”

The best answer was the person who said they WOULD do the deal, because, quote, “Who is going to regulate?  Would I really get punished?”