Who’s the bigger baby about being sick, men or women?  Well, we might have an answer . . .


Someone polled 2,000 people and asked if they’d rather be taken care of, or just be left alone when they’re sick.  53% of women would rather be left alone, compared to 47% of men.


Guys were also far more likely to want their MOMMY when they’re feeling unwell.  58% wish their mom could still take care of them when they’re sick . . . and 43% think she’d take better care of them than their significant other does.


Only 35% of women said their husband or boyfriend would take better care of them than their own mom would.


Guys are also more prone to let people know they’re sick.  29% have posted an “I’m sick” photo on social media, compared to 20% of women.


A lot of women might not be shocked by any of this, by the way.  80% in the poll said they think they handle being sick better than most guys do.