What’s the most scandalous thing you’ve ever seen happen at a job?  Your best, “You’ll never believe what happened at work today” story.

Someone asked people online, and a few are so bad, we HOPE they’re fake.  Here are the highlights . . .

A doctor and nurse were secretly having an affair, and no one knew until he got mauled by a BEAR on a rafting trip.  The nurse was on the rafting trip with him, and saved his life.

A woman brought her daughter to work.  Then a day later, a coworker said, “You can’t bring your daughter to work here anymore . . . I’m not allowed to be around children.”

The big bosses at a newspaper scolded the whole staff for spreading a “baseless” rumor that a manager was sleeping with the head of shipping.  Then a week later, they got arrested while getting-it-on in a car.

A freelancer at a magazine tried to get people to unionize, but didn’t know the staff well.  So he put a list of phone numbers together and called them to say how awful the owner was.  Turned out one of the employees was the owner’s WIFE.

A movie theater manager got busted for under-charging people who paid cash.  She’d charge them the children’s rate and pocket the rest.  Turned out she’d been doing it for years and stole tens-of-thousands of dollars.

A manager at a landscaping company was sleeping with the owner’s wife . . . talked dirty to her with his speakerphone on . . . and his two-way radio was keyed, so everyone at the company heard it.