The kids on TikTok are still obsessing over outdated terms that make you sound old.  Here’s another one:  If you step away from your computer and type “BRB” . . . short for “be right back” . . . you’re ancient.

Young people claim they never really use it, and maybe there’s a good reason . . . because they’re NEVER away from their computers.  Everyone has their phone with them constantly, so you don’t need to write “BRB” very often.

The discussion kicked off after someone posted a photo of what using a computer used to mean in the early 2000s.  It’s a shot of an old computer desk with a tower computer, keyboard, monitor, mousepad, and speakers.  It’s even got the built-in CD tower those desks always had.  (Here’s the photo.)

Another person retweeted the photo and said something that resonated with a lot of Millennials and Gen X’ers.

Quote, “It was kind of nice [when] the internet was a single, solitary, unmoving place instead of a terror that extends to everywhere.  You went to this specific spot to go to the Internet, [and] when you left the spot, you left the Internet.  It was a place.”

(NY Post)