Remember when you were a kid, and the classic money goal was:  “I want to be a millionaire.”  Well, good news:  The average American in their 50s now has a net worth of $1.1 million to $1.4 million.

That’s true . . . although it’s heavily skewed by SUPER rich people.  Most people are not average.  They’re either millionaires many times over, or they can’t afford to keep Disney+.  The MEDIAN net worth for Americans in their 50s is about $300,000, and that includes property and retirement accounts.

So, since having a million dollars is . . . complicated . . . a new survey asked people what they’d need to say they financially “made it” in life.

The #1 answer was being “financially independent,” and not having to rely on others for money.  The average American says they need to make at least $94,000 a year to feel financially independent.

Other popular responses were:  Moving up in your career . . . settling into a job that you love . . . making a certain amount of money . . . not having to work at all . . . and being able to spend and pay bills without worrying about money.

(USA Today / Empower)