ST. PAUL (LEARFIELD) – A state Senate oversight committee today got an update on the new system set to replace the troubled Minnesota Licensing and Registration System known as MNLARS.

MN-IT Commissioner Tarek Tomes says the new system will be a big improvement, but the days, weeks and months ahead will not be easy.

“There will be as there always in the case of a large technology implementation, bumps in the road along the way,” said Tomes. “There will be challenges that will require the state and its external partners to balance priorities, resources and stakeholder needs in order to implement the system on time and on budget with high quality,” said Tomes.

Tomes expects the new Vehicle and Title Registration System or VTRS (VIT-ress) to be a big improvement over MNLARS, but he says overcoming the challenges will take commitment.

“Overcoming these challenges requires a redoubling and re-commitment to communication and transparency, as these are the only paths back to a healthy relationship of trust,” said Tomes. “It is only when trust has been re-established that the willingness to take risk and bold actions returns.”

VTRS is designed by Fast Enterprises — which has successfully implemented its software for vehicle title and registration programs in 11 other states. It is expected to be online by year-end 2020, though it likely won’t fully take over from MNLARS until fall 2021.