ST. PAUL (KMHL) – There was some good news on the state’s budget situation yesterday. Minnesota Management and Budget office released its November budget forecast showing a $1.332 billion surplus during the 2020-2021 Biennium.

Gov. Tim Walz said yesterday that he would like to see some of the surplus go to help better fund rural Minnesota schools. Walz notes that rural taxpayers have been picking up the slack for funding education for years.

“I’ve made the case that it becomes harder to do, especially for greater Minnesota schools,” said Walz.

He would like to see some of the surplus money go to help rural school districts. Republicans would like to see some of the money go back to taxpayers.

“It’s a prime time to take another shot at putting dollars back in

the pockets of those who earned it,” said Swedzinski. “The government is taking too much.”

Swedzinski added that he would be in favor of putting some of the money towards transportation infrastructure and making permanent the dedication of the sales tax on the sale of car parts and services into transportation funding.

Lawmakers will deal with the budget surplus when they return to session in February.