Texas-based company Solugen broke ground on a new 500,000 square-foot, low-carbon chemical plant. They also held a press conference at the Red Baron Arena in Marshall. 

The plant, named Bioforge Marshall, will utilize corn products from Archer Daniels Midland to produce chemicals for various industries. 

Solugen Co-Founders Gaurab Chakrabarti & Sean Hunt at the ground breaking event.

Solugen co-founders Gaurab Chakrabati and Sean Hunt highlighted their commitment to finding sustainable ways to produce chemicals. Marshall Mayor Bob Byrnes expressed excitement about Solugen’s investment in the community. State officials, including Department of Employment and Economic Development Commissioner Matt Varilek and Agriculture Commissioner Thom Petersen, commended the project, with the state investing $760,000 from the Job Creation Fund. 

Chakrabati shared that Solugen’s journey began with research in medical and chemical engineering. Today, the company employs over 200 individuals and produces organic acids used in diverse applications. 

The Bioforge Marshall plant will employ 50 to 60 workers and rely on dextrose from ADM as a sustainable feedstock. Construction is underway, with over half of the plant already in progress offsite. 

Solugen plans to expand its product range using enzymes at its Houston facility. The project aligns with statewide sustainability efforts and offers new opportunities for farmers and rural communities. 

Greg Jaffe from the U.S. Department of Agriculture sees potential for growth in the domestic bio-economy. Bio-based products already contribute significantly to the U.S. economy. 

Agriculture Commissioner Thom Petersen views Solugen’s project as a boon for Minnesota agriculture, adding value to crops and fostering partnerships with companies like ADM. This venture coincides with increased investment in bio-based products at the state and national levels.