MARSHALL — City Administrator Sharon Hanson recently presented Human Resources Manager Sheila Dubs with recognition as the city’s 2022 Employee of the Year. Ms. Dubs was recognized with this honor during the city’s Annual Employee Recognition Event held January 6, 2023. The Employee of the Year award was established in 2010 to grant recognition to a City employee for accomplishments of outstanding worth in advancing and improving public service in the City of Marshall. Ms. Dubs started with the City of Marshall on April 25, 2005.

When presenting Ms. Dubs with the Employee of the Year recognition, Administrator Hanson reflected on Ms. Dubs managing the complexity of human resources responsibilities including the ability to tackle large projects such as implementation of a new comparable worth study and negotiation of three separate union contracts in 2022.

Hanson commented, “The human resources manager position serves as a link between an organization’s leaders and its employees. This requires the position to look at issues from both the view of the employee and the city. Therefore Ms. Dubs is often in the middle, making her position one of the most difficult jobs in the city.”

Her fellow employees who nominated her noted that in addition to all of her regular duties, the city has seen numerous employment changes, retirements and hires, and Ms. Dubs has put a lot of effort into leading the city through these changes. Employees further commented that Ms. Dubs listens to employee and leadership personnel concerns and navigates successful resolutions.

Congratulations City of Marshall 2022 Employee of the Year-Human Resources Manager Sheila Dubs.