MARSHALL (KMHL) – Ralco is announcing the opening of a new distribution center along Highway 23 in Marshall.

According to a press release from the company, the facility will be a 37,500-square-foot center and will help consolidate two Ralco properties into one. The company says the goal is to allow more space for employee offices and product containment all in one location.

“While the locations don’t seem far apart, Ralco trucks transfer 10-20 loads per day between Ralco’s East Complex and the old distribution center on Lake Road,” said Ralco’s Logistics Manager, Dave Einerson. “The elimination of those loads will save us valuable time and make us more efficient for our customers.”

According to Ralco, the center will be able to hold 100 truckloads of product and includes 6 loading docks versus the previous capacity of 80 truckloads and 4 docks.

“The additional loading space will make us much less congested during peak loading and unloading times,” Einerson added. “Even better, trucks can get loaded and drive directly onto Highway 23 to start their transit.”