They say I.Q. scores are falling, and here’s more proof:  People online are just eating FULL LEMONS now, peel and all.  (???)

The first part of this isn’t actually dumb.  You might even want to try these if you can find them . . .

Some TikTok’er recently discovered a type of lemon you’re SUPPOSED to eat whole.  The brand is Lemon Snack, owned by an Italian company.  They’re undersized lemons that are sweeter and less sour, with thinner peels.

She’s skeptical in the video, but tries one and loves it.  Then she sprinkles on salt and chili powder and loves them even more.  (Here’s the video.)

The problem is they’re not easy to find in the U.S.  The closest thing widely available is a kumquat, which looks more like a tiny orange.  (You could also try looking for a lemon-kumquat hybrid called sunquats or lemonquats.)

So people online have resorted to just eating NORMAL lemons whole, and some claim they like it . . . even as their whole face puckers.  Their favorite method is to cut them up thin and cover them in honey and Tajin.  (Here’s a video.  Bonus:  Did no one ever teach her how to cut stuff?  Put it ON the cutting board, don’t hover.)

(There was another trend earlier this year where people were eating whole oranges caked in cayenne pepper and cinnamon.  That one was supposed to cure constipation.)

(Food Network)