Nebraska will be scrapping its AWESOME tourism slogan, “Nebraska:  Honestly, it’s not for everyone.”


This week, Nebraska’s tourism commission announced that it was ditching the tagline, because, “It’s a thing of the past.”  And, “Times change.  Everything has a shelf life.”


That makes it seem like it’s been around for generations, but it’s only five years old.  And it was successful.  A survey of tourists in the target market for Nebraska showed interest rising from 19% in 2019 to 39% more recently.


And Nebraska moved up to become the 41st state people were interested in visiting, up from 50th . . . dead last . . . where it was the previous four years.


Of course, it was meant to be fun and self-deprecating . . . something they could use jokingly in their marketing as a way to appeal to people.


But the slogan wasn’t for everyone.  The governor, Republican Jim Pillen, wasn’t a fan.  He recently called it “nonsense,” and urged the commission to find a new slogan.


It’s unclear what the next slogan will be, but in the past it was, “Nebraska:  Where the West Begins.”


(Nebraska Examiner)


(Here’s an example of how they used the tongue-in-cheek slogan.  And another.  And here’s video of Pillen ripping the slogan.)