MARSHALL – Marshall Police Department body cam footage from the December 17th fatal incident in the city of Marshall will not be released to the public, according to Jim Marshall, Chief of Police. Minnesota Statute requires body camera data of an incident be made available to the public no later than 14 days after the incident. Exceptions to this statute include when a chief law enforcement officer asserts the release of the body cam data would interfere with an ongoing investigation, and if the video is clearly offensive to common sensibilities.  

Chief Marshall said, “This critical incident truly has been difficult for our entire community and my decision not to allow the release of the body worn camera data is not about the Marshall Police department, it’s not about the officer involved. My decision is based on the fact that this is a horrific murder of a domestic violence victim mother. It’s about the care and compassion for the family of Meredith Martell.”

Chief Marshall determined that due to those two reasons, body cam footage will not be released as the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension is currently conducting its investigation. Additionally, Chief Marshall personally viewed the body camera data and determined that the content is clearly offensive to common sensibilities.