Morgan Wallen is dominating the news cycle and for all the wrong reasons.  Although he sure seemed happy in his mugshot.  So, maybe bad press is good press?

The main question everybody seems to be asking is, “How much jail time is he looking at here?”  If he takes a plea deal, which seems likely given his superstar status, he might just get a slap on the wrist.

But here’s the scary part for him . . . Tennessee law says each one of his three felony counts carries a potential sentence between ONE and FIFTEEN YEARS.  Although a separate article said, “between ONE to SIX YEARS” . . . and it’s likely they’d run at the same time, not back-to-back.

A judge on Court TV said, “You can argue it was simply a dumb mistake . . . But in Tennessee, the law provides that neither intent nor actual harm have to exist to be found guilty of this charge.”

He’s due back in court on May 3rd so we will know more then, and he still hasn’t commented on his furniture throwing yet.

Here are some Quick Hits about Chair-gate:

1.  The sign out in front of Chief’s yesterday said, “Our pigs fly . . . our chairs don’t.”


2.  A security guard on the scene told TMZ, quote, “He had to throw it pretty hard to get it all the way in the street from Chief’s rooftop.  Them chairs are not light, they’re probably 20 POUNDS, made out of stainless steel . . . They just say he was being an idiot and just threw it.”


3.  For reference, a reporter for Good Morning Nashville went to the rooftop at Chief’s and took a video to show everyone how far up they were.


4.  We found a “splat calculator” that shows how fast objects are travelling when they hit the ground after freefall.  And a 20-pound object, thrown from 65 feet in the air would hit the ground at 45 MILES PER HOUR.