The Minnesota Chamber of Commerce is reminding businesses and consumers of several measures that are set to take effect on January 1st.  The most significant mandate from the legislature requires employers to provide one hour of fully paid sick time for every 30 hours worked, up to 48 hours a year, with a carryover of up to 80 hours.  

“It’s not just about navigating the complexities of new policies, but also about grappling with the increased operational costs and compliance hurdles,” said Laura Bordelon, senior vice president for advocacy at the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce. “We have learned after touring the state that many small and mid-sized main street, Minnesota-based businesses are simply unaware of the immense complexity and scope of these new state mandates. They were shocked by the sheer breadth of all these new requirements.”  

Other key mandates taking effect on January 1st include:  

  • New ergonomics standards for warehouse, meatpacking, health care workers  
  • New safety standards for meatpacking   
  • New worker standards for meat and poultry processing  
  • Ban established on asking about pay history   
  • Tab fee increase  
  • Gas tax now indexed to inflation 

You’re invited to contact the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce if you have any questions about the new mandates and measures starting in 2024.