ST. PAUL (LEARFIELD) – As talk of a special legislative session this week heats up, Republicans are turning up the pressure on Gov. Tim Walz to relinquish his COVID powers.

House Minority Leader Rep. Kurt Daudt (R-Crown) says in the several weeks since the Wisconsin Supreme Court ordered that state re-opened that state has been doing much better than Minnesota.

“Wisconsin has fared so much better through this COVID response than we have,” said Daudt. “Our governor is still following such flawed data in making his decisions, he really is too slow to respond to what’s actually happening in other parts of the country,” said Daudt.

Walz has significantly eased restrictions but contends some are still needed to protect Minnesotans from COVID-19.

It’s expected that the governor will extend his emergency powers past this Friday.  To override requires agreement between the Democrat-controlled Minnesota House and the Republican-controlled Senate — which is unlikely.