Minnesotans are in for a treat this weekend with Free Park Saturday, an initiative by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) that grants free admission to all 75 state parks and recreation areas. This event, taking place tomorrow, aims to encourage outdoor activities as the school year comes to a close. 

“It’s an exciting time of the year. A lot of kids are finishing up their school year and ready to get outside and have some fun,” said Sara Berhow from the DNR. 

In addition to Free Park Saturday, this weekend also features the “Take A Kid Fishing” event. During this event, adults can take children aged 15 or younger fishing without needing a license, making it an excellent opportunity for families to introduce their kids to the joys of fishing. 

These initiatives provide a perfect opportunity for families to explore Minnesota’s natural beauty and engage in outdoor activities together, marking the beginning of summer with memorable experiences.