Have you ever gone past a billboard and wished you could SMELL it?  (Maybe to catch a whiff of the cologne on your local superstar personal injury lawyer?)

McDonald’s is debuting the first-ever SCENTED BILLBOARDS.  For now, they are only in the Netherlands . . . and it’s a bit of a stunt.

The billboards don’t show any adds . . . they’re just blank, red or yellow signs . . . but they DO have smells piped in and vented out.  They asked passers-by what they noticed, and most of them said they smelled FRENCH FRIES.

It’s unclear if they’re just doing this for social media clicks . . . or if this is something that might be rolled out everywhere.  But it SEEMS like a good idea.  In the Netherlands, the billboards are being placed in areas close to McDonald’s locations.

(PR Newswire)

(Here’s a video trailer for these things.)